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The following is information pertaining to Summer Camp 2011:

For those who were able, thank you for attending the Parents' Meeting this week. I am sending a variety of materials relating to Summer Camp. You can also go to to find additional information posted by Pennsylvania Dutch Council, BSA, which runs the camp. In particular, the Leader's Guide contains almost all the information you would need.

For Merit Badge selections, please refer to (a) the Merit Badge Survey which has the times the badges are offered, (b) the Merit Badge list which describes the Merit Badges offered, including the pre-requisites which must be completed prior to camp, (c) the Bashore aquatics pre-requisites document which lists additional pre-requisites, and (d) the Scout Badge Schedule document. I have made a change from the presentation. I am requesting that the Scouts complete the Scout Badge Schedule and turn it in at next week's meeting (June 22) if at all possible. We will review the individual selections with the Scouts at the meeting on June 29.



I have also updated the Parent's Meeting presentation to include the cell phone numbers of all the adult leaders who will be attending camp [cell phone numbers are not found on the online version]. I also included the pre-camp order form so that you can see the cost of the various kits that are needed for some of the merit badges. For the Blue Mountain Men program, the scouts will need a stave. This can be purchased or they can find one in the woods for free.

Below are the important documents pertaining to Summer Camp 2011:

1. Parent's Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
2. Merit Badge Survey (shows schedule)
3. Merit Badge List
4. Bashore Aquatics Merit Badges additional pre-requisites
5. Scout Badge Schedule
6. Pre-camp order form
7. Medication Form

You can download these documents from here:

Summer Camp 2011 Bashore Docs

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If you have any questions, please feel free to call me, email me, or see me at the meetings.

Yours in Scouting,
Richard Franklin



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